Return To Paradise Island - Vol 2

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Paradise Island is a luxury resort in tropical North Queensland. Take a relaxing break here and let your cares disappear.

But Paradise Island is not the same for this week’s guests, as 'Mother Nature' intervenes. There will be no lying on sunbeds by the pool, swimming in the clear blue ocean, or feeling the warm, soft sand beneath their feet. Will the guests survive a disaster, and will their time on the Island bring heartbreak and despair?

With a thief, a blackmailer, and a search for a child long ago given up, can Paradise Island survive its worse week ever? 

This latest Trish Ollman book is full of Drama and Romance, Heartbreak and Tragedy, but will Love win out in the end?

With epilogues, set 12 months later, you won't want to put this page turning book down!

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Return to Paradise Island
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