The Office Girls

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'THE OFFICE GIRLS' is a tale set in the late 1960s. The storyline is set in a typing pool of a large pharmaceutical manufacturers in Yarminster, in the north of England, when the early days of recreational drugs were starting to become popular. The story centres around Hettie, a 15 year old office junior, and the lives of the other typists.

Drama enfolds when one of the quality control supervisors is found out to be smuggling amphetamine (Speed) tablets out to a drug dealer, and getting half the profits in return. Can he be stopped, or is there a blackmailer in the office? With 'Flower Power' and 'Let's go to San Francisco' playing in the background, psychedelic dresses and mini skirts with wedge heeled shoes, this book will take you back to a time of innocence and fun, music and fashion.

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The Office girls
The Office Girls