Escape to Paradise Island Vol 1

Imagine a place so beautiful that you never want to leave. White sands, gently lapping waves onto the shore,  swaying palm trees and the smell of frangipanis in the air. Paradise Island, in Australia’s tropical Great Barrier Reef, is such a place. 4 couples, all with relationship and sexuality problems, go there to see if a week of SUN, SAND & SEX can help them get their mojo back. With Backstories and Epilogues set 12 months later for each couple, will Paradise Island have worked its magic, or will their lives be torn apart forever.

This BEST SELLING Novel is available from Amazon in your country, or direct from the Author, SIGNED, of course, by contacting:

Paperback edition available on Amazon for US | UK and Europe
Kindle edition available on Amazon for US | UK | AU

Now Available in most Dymocks and Collins bookstores.  If not in stock please ask the friendly staff at your local Dymocks or Collins bookstore to order a copy.

If you are in Australia or NZ and cannot get a copy, please email the me directly for a hard copy as Amazon do not print in these countries, and one can be mailed out to you for $20 plus postage, or you can get the Kindle eBook version from Amazon.

​​In front of the new released books

Happy Days!  Standing in front of the New Released Books section at Dymocks Canberra Centre Store, with "Escape to Paradise Island" on the shelf above my head! 

Here are some customer reviews:

A Review from Kathleen Knowles:

Finished book "Escape to Paradise Island". Loved it Trish. Could 'smell' the Frangipanis!. Loved the print hun,  easier to read and therefore enjoy. Got involved with the characters tho! Could of hung sleazy Marcello up by his tongue, bitch slapped Ken, and poked Harry in the bloody eyes for his selfishness, not to mention do the same thing to Rachel!!! Grrrr but it turned out very well without blood being spilt 😅 saving Return to.Paradise Island for when l go up to Scotland in two weeks time. So get your next boo, 'The Office Girls, on the go Trish or l'll be having 'withdrawal' symptoms! 


customer reviews

customer reviews

customer reviews

customer reviews

Escape to Paradise Island Book - Authored by Trish Ollman
Escape to Paradise Island Book - Authored by Trish Ollman

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